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Clothing Collective is dedicated to our goal of helping the homeless and those in our society in need find the proper clothes they need. This simple goal has guided the Clothing Collective from day 1!


Our partners at Wandsworth Foodbank provide emergency food, support and advice to people and families across Wandsworth who are experiencing severe hardship. As well as providing emergency food and household essentials, trained volunteers help people find further support to try to resolve the financial hardship they’re experiencing. We are proud that our clothing vouchers can be offered to food bank guests who are in need of warm clothing.

A pregnant woman was able to buy clothes that fit her, she was walking around without a coat for months. She told us she tried to steal a coat from New Look and got caught, she said it was very embarrassing for her but she was desperate. She now has a coat and is very grateful for the voucher.

Project Manager

Wimbledon Foodbank

Some of them help with employment opportunities, Financial benefits, Keeping people warm, and dignity for our clients; for our organisation, it's aligned with our mission and vision and contributes to wraparound support offerings.

Hub Supervisor

Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank

My experience with Clothing Collective was excellent, I approached them looking for support and we were offered the gift cards for our social prescribing service. I handed out 5 of these myself and shared the others with my colleagues, we all gave them to people who needed clothing support which was very useful as there is a lack of that available currently.

Family Action
Social Prescribing Wellbeing Coordinator


The vouchers helped the recipients to find second hand and sometimes brand news clothes in charity shop due to being on universal credit and low income. It benefited service users mental health which prevented anxiety over buying new clothes for themselves. It helped families that could not afford clothes from shops due to the cost of living crisis.


This is an important charity that supports charity shops as well as families and individuals on low income. That's why partnered with clothing collective.



Keeping Families Together

Being able to provide our service users with the ability to purchase their own clothes has been crucial in fueling their independence, giving them choice over what they wear. For recipients of these gift cards they have been able to feel more confident in public places, having the opportunity to feel more feminine and independent. For those who had nothing when arriving at the Project they've been able to purchase bare essentials to meet their clothing needs.

Fundraising and Engagement Lead
The Marylebone Project

Clothing donations we receive are always welcome but can be very varied. Clients prefer to choose something more suitable for them and the cards enable that.


Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants

These cards have been transformational for those we support. We have distributed them across our entire charity in all services and they are provided to clients who need clothing items and gives them choice in going to a shop and choosing for themselves. This element is invaluable. It also means we can use our donations for the gift cards, that are then spent in charity shops, so the donation keeps on giving beyond the value of the original amount donated. We are really happy to be working in partnership with Clothing Collective. This is a brilliant initiative that helps those most in need. These vouchers change lives every day!


Migrant Help UK

The scheme has been really useful for us, and that it’s better for clients to be able to actually shop for their own clothes, rather than having to take whatever is given to them. A more dignified and empowering approach.


The 999 Club

The gift cards have helped the clients so much. It has given them the freedom to go into a shop and select clothing for themselves. They are so grateful and thankful to receive these clothing and you can see the look of joy and appreciation when they are able to select what they need. It may seem like something small for someone who is not in that situation but this small thing has such a big impact on their life, self-esteem and gives them confidence.

KD - Specialist Support Worker Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Unit

The Salvation Army

This organisation really helped a person I managed to build up some self esteem upon release. He was release with no clothes at all. I was really heart warming to see him shopping. You are doing a great job!


HMPPS Northampton Probation Service

Many of our young people who attend Anstee are living in poverty and do not have the opportunity to choose and buy their own clothes so these vouchers enabled them to go shopping, try on and choose an outfit which has done wonders for their mental health and emotional wellbeing. A massive thank you

KG - Anstee Bridge - Acheiving For Children

A massive thank you from Bradford to all involved in the Clothing Collective for the wonderful gift cards. They have really made a massive difference to our young people. I've been shopping with some of the young people and I cannot tell you the joy on their faces to be able to choose clothing that they wanted.. that was massive. Thank you so much, it has really made a difference and I really can’t explain enough the impact that it has had on all the young people that we support here in Bradford. Thank you once again and thank you for your efforts.

Support Worker
Centre Point


Migrants Organise is a charity working with migrants and refugees with over 3 decades of experience in the sector. We work with particularly vulnerable people, with complex mental health needs. Our members have a variety of immigration status' and various housing needs: some are street homeless and others are housed in Home Office accommodation or local authority temporary accommodation. 


We distributed the gift cards provided by Clothing Collective to our members who used them to buy winter clothes, shoes and some toys for children. One of our members who we gave £40 worth of vouchers said, "it was not easy but l managed to get some like 5 items. Thank you so much 🙏" 

The vouchers have made a real difference to our members who do not have access to mainstream support, and rely on the donations of charity to provide them with basic needs, such as warm clothes in winter as our members are often destitute.


Thank you again for the vouchers,

Migrants Organise Ltd

As a social worker working in one of the most deprived London boroughs, and with some of the poorest members of society, Clothing Collective represents a lifeline. For those for whom a winter coat or a pair of gloves represents a luxury and not something that’s taken for granted, Clothing Collective can help bridge that gap and keep these families warm. And in doing so, its vouchers also help the charity shops that go on to do invaluable work in the community. Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is so appreciated.

SF - Trainee Social Worker - Safeguarding Family Service Southwark Children’s & Adult’s Services London

After becoming a victim of identity theft in which I lost all my savings, I was without any income for almost two years, until I started receiving my state pension and pension credit. Even then, after paying my biils I was left with a weekly disposable income (food, clothing, toiletries, cleaning products  etc) of only £9.35 all of which went towards food. When the NPFB gave me the gift card I was on my last pair of trousers and shoes, both with holes in them. With the help of the card I was able to replace both (and more) at my local charity shop.


As well as helping individuals in crisis, the clothing cards have helped NPFB keep food on the table during school holidays. Parents have described the clothing cards as a "godsend" and informed us that "they really helped a lot." Children grow out of their clothes fast and this puts serious pressure on parents at a time when clothes are more expensive than ever.


We are grateful to the Clothing Collective for enabling us to provide this support. The cards give people dignity and choice. Helping people with the cost of clothing takes pressure off the food bank as it leaves more money in their pockets for food and essentials.

North Paddington Foodbank

The vouchers given to our clients have helped them to access necessary warm clothing.  One client used a voucher to buy a coat, in his words: "I choose a nice coat which is really warm and waterproof (The voucher) was very good. I got a good coat. Thank you very much".  Another client used the voucher to purchase two jumpers. 

CEO - Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants

Clothing Collective provides vouchers which prison leavers in need can use to buy essential items. Sometimes prison leavers have little or no family support and the vouchers make a huge difference to them as part of the practical assistance which is provided by the prison. We are very grateful for the support of the Clothing Collective and so are the men in need who leave Wandsworth.


Head of Reducing Reoffending

HMP Wandsworth

We all really appreciate your support in this matter here at Wandsworth.

HMP - Wandsworth

I am very grateful, as I have nothing, and this is really going to help me.


Life Bread, the outreach programme to the homeless and destitute has received Clothing Collective vouchers which has been a tremendous benefit and help to our guests. They have been able to exchange these vouchers at a local charity shop for clothes and bedding. These vouchers are excellent as they can only be traded for goods in the charity shop and  are far better than giving money which may not be used for the intended purpose.

Pastor Charles Francis

Team Leader - Love Mercy (Social Action Emmanuel Church)

Partnering with Clothing Collective is a huge help for the people referred to us in severe financial hardship. Having access to the clothes vouchers which can be redeemed at partner charity shops is a great help, protecting people's dignity in difficulty times - we really appreciate having these vouchers.


Wandsworth Foodbank Manager

I am in desperate need of clothing and have come from the street. This means everything to me as I have lost everything.


Kindly gave us a number of clothing collective vouchers. These have been invaluable in giving to clients and enabling them to get clothing. 


Hub Assistant – NSNO Assessment Hotel (Waterloo)
St Mungo's Waterloo


It is an absolute pleasure to be working with Clothing Collective across our charity shops.


It’s a brilliant and much needed scheme enabling those in need of clothing to be able to clothe themselves in a safe and secure way by exchanging their vouchers in store.  


The process is nice and easy for us as a retail partner to administer for both our Head Office and for our shop staff.


Community Engagement Manager - Wandsworth Oasis


Partnering with Clothing Collective has been a great asset to us, allowing us to provide an additional benefit to our service users allowing them the freedom and confidence to shop and choose their own clothes.  This has had a knock on effect of uplifted so many of the people we support, thank you.


Personal Wellbeing Services - Catch22


We have found the vouchers a great addition to our service. People only use food banks in times of real crisis, where there is no food at home and no money whatsoever to buy food. It has been really helpful to be able to pass on the vouchers where people are in need of clothing – often to mothers needing a winter coat for their children etc. Often we have kind donors wanting to pass on used clothing for our guests, but we just don’t have capacity to manage that well. So it has been great to suggest those donors give the clothing to the specific charity shops, so that our guests can go there with a voucher and chose the right items.


Wandsworth Foodbank Manager

Clothing Collective is such a valuable resource. As a Foodbank we regularly see people who do not have enough money to buy food and other things that we take for granted such as clothing.  One lady came in needing smarter clothes for an interview.  Another was unable to clothe her child who had grown out of his clothes.  To be able to give a voucher or 2 to someone in great need to use to buy reasonably priced items in a local Charity shop is just great.  It is so much appreciated by those who receive. Such a wonderful initiative.

Manager of Richmond Foodbank


I'm delighted, thank you so much, I am so grateful! I can't believe you have done this for me!


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