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200,000 refugees heading to the UK

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has been covered from many angles in the media and the devastation to lives has been monumental. At present over 1 million civilians have escaped the fighting by heading west into EU countries. The European Union told BBC News that there could be 7 million if the war does not settle. Until then there are 18 million Ukranians who are being affected.

The UK government has gone some way towards offering safety for a small percentage of these people by offering 200,000 Ukranians a home in the UK temporarily. Priti Patel noted to the BBC that by making this offer it would be up to the UK to ensure they had homes, healthcare, and schools.

At present there is already a housing crisis within the UK, so Dominic Raab stating that homes could be provided with the property seized from Russian elites could be one way of combatting a potentially bigger, much deeper housing emergency.

For prestigious professionals, with a good education and awards to their names like Tania who spoke to the BBC, homelessness is something they never thought would be in their futures. She said:

"It is so hard to believe that now you are a refugee. You don't have clothes, you don't have anything."

Through the use of vouchers, The Clothing Collective attempts to support the reestablishment of pride, dignity, and respect. You too could help the homeless and those facing poverty.

To help those in need, you can make donations to the Clothing Collective here

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