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Having witnessed the work of food banks, and how much they make a difference, we felt there was a discrepancy between those people who are able to afford the luxury of being able to donate their unwanted clothes to a charity shop and those who can’t afford to buy clothes themselves.


We want to address this discrepancy and help those in need to have access to affordable clothing.

Why donate to us?

Your donation directly funds the purchase of gift cards, which are given to our partners for distribution to people in need.


£10 could buy a cosy pullover to provide warmth for a person in need.


£25 could buy an overcoat to protect a person in need from the cold.


£50 could buy a pair of good boots for a person in need, helping to keep them warm and dry.


Ways to donate


You can donate easily using the online Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) service.


Choose to give a regular amount to us (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly) or simply with a one-off donation.


For one-off donations you can choose to pay via a credit/debit card, via PayPal or using a CAF account if you have one.


And if you’re a UK taxpayer then don’t forget to Gift Aid it - a £50 donation becomes a £62.50 at no extra cost to you.

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