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A big thank you to the 2021 marathon runners!

In a world of poverty and homelessness, many charities have been set up to support those struggling. During the warmer and drier months, volunteers across the United Kingdom carry out activities for sponsorship to raise money that goes towards these great causes.

People volunteering on behalf of The Clothing Collective have also been out in force this year. The charity would like to say a special thank you to all who have dedicated their time to the charity and trained hard for events such as the 2021 Virgin London Marathon, which took place on 3rd October.

Among the 50,000 runners on the traditional course of 26.2 miles and the 50,000 virtual runners, were people raising money for the charity. All donations allow us to continue doing what we do best - Clothing the homeless.

Yvette Edwards is a custodial manager at HMP and ran for the Clothing Collective because she “knows of the importance of supplying clothing to those unable to buy their own.” She adds that it “gives people a sense of worth and pride.”

Unfortunately, the number of people who donate to charity has declined since 2016. The statistics show that those who have participated in activities that can be considered charitable have also reduced.

Eve Morrison was one of the people who did run for charity this year and managed to get 149% of her sponsorship aim. Already having a hobby of running, she joined the two and ran for sponsorship. She said that “Getting out running has been one of the only consistencies in my life this past year in lockdown and has really helped me through. I guess I want to put it to good use and raise money for an amazing cause.”

What is it that makes The Clothing Collective an amazing cause? Jamie Taylor has explained this perfectly for us “I chose Clothing Collective because Clothing Collective is a charity that doesn't get as much exposure as the other bigger charities, and I wanted to hopefully enhance their reach to a wider audience. I thought it was an important charity to be able to share with friends and colleagues who have helped raise funds to provide the vouchers for people who really need them.”

This follows similar lines to what Peter Duncan said in his interview with the Clothing Collective last month.

Running a marathon is an experience, and the training and dedication that the volunteers have put in comes from a place of passion and belief in the cause and mission of The Clothing Collective.

The Clothing Collective is a charity that helps families to manage the effects of poverty by providing vouchers so that families can get clothes. Clothes are an essential part of life yet are often unaffordable for those who are struggling with everyday bills.

To help those in need, you can make donations to the Clothing Collective here

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