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Beat The Streets Music Festival 2022

On Sunday 30th January, Beat The Streets festival takes place once again in Nottingham. Over 50 artists will perform in the city-wide music festival raising funds for the homeless. The Beat The Streets festival launched in 2018 and this is the festival’s fourth year. Venues taking part include Rock City, Rescue Rooms, Rough Trade and The Bodega. The proceeds from the tickets, bar and merchandise go directly to the charity Framework.

What does the Charity Framework Do?

Framework provides housing and support for homeless people who have nowhere else to go. They work to empower homeless people to live independently. Funds raised by Beat The Streets have allowed a winter shelter for rough sleepers to operate all year round. The shelter called Sneinton Hermitage has space for ten rough sleepers a night. These beds save lives and help rough sleepers access support and services.

The History of Beat The Streets

In 2020, Beat The Streets raised £75,000. This money went towards employing two Mental Health support workers for Framework. Beat The Streets collected 15 bags of food in its food bank on the same day, which it donated to Framework housing. In 2019, the footballer Stuart Pearce appeared for an interview and Q&A session at the packed-out Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. The Nottingham Forest player took time to share his favourite punk and indie music with the audience. In 2018, 80 artists took part including Sleaford Mods who played at the packed-out Rock City.

What is the line-up for Beat The Streets 2022?

The line-up for Beat The Streets 2022 includes Kezia Gill, Jerub, Whisky Stain, Chloe Ann, Blood Wizard, Static Kill, Melonyx and Do Nothing. Tickets are on sale online now from Alt Tickets. The minimum price for an entry wristband is £8. You can choose to pay more for your ticket, up to £30, if you want to donate extra money to the homeless. The entry wristband will provide entry into any of the venues taking part in the Beat The Streets music festival.

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