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Clothing Collective Partnership with Migrant Help - Helping People In Need This Winter

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According to The Trussell Trust more people than ever used food banks from April to September this year.

1.49 million food parcels were given out in this period, compared to 1.29 million in the same period last year.

320,000 people have had to use a food bank for the first time in those six months and 65% of users were families with children.

If people are being forced to use food banks in this number, then it's very likely that they are not buying much needed warm and waterproof clothing.

That’s why Clothing Collective have made it their mission to provide clothing for people in need - but we can’t do this alone. We work with Charity partners who are working at grass roots level within communities, they are able to ensure our clothing vouchers reach those most in need.

One of these charity partners is Migrant Help, who exist to protect people affected by displacement and exploitation, helping them thrive as individuals and recover from their trauma. They support those most in need and least likely to find support elsewhere, whilst aiming to bridge community gaps and bring services and support together.

We are proud to work with Migrant Help, working in partnership to provide Charity Shop Gift Cards destined to help people who have arrived in the UK with nothing. You can read some of their inspiring and moving stories here

A batch of our vouchers have just been received at Migrant Help HQ and will be distributed over the country to their regional hubs, helping vulnerable people to buy warm clothing for the winter ahead.

We’ll also be working with Migrant Help in a joint fundraising campaign via The Big Give Christmas Challenge 28th November - 5th December 2023. Watch this space for more information about how to double your donation thanks to The Big Give’s fund matching campaign. This is how we can all help those in need this winter.

If you’d like to find out more about how we work and how you could help support us, get in touch



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