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Coventry University London students aim to build business partnerships with 'live project'

Earlier this month, Clothing Collective's CEO Antony Wroe and fellow trustee Annabel Bennett joined students from Coventry University London to launch a partnership programme that aims to help the charity build its corporate links further.

The event, which was held at the Coventry University London campus, saw Antony and Annabel briefing the group of students, with a presentation that highlighted more about the charity, what it aims to do, how it does this and how corporate partnerships can benefit it.

The students will be working on a 'live project' that sees them take their learnings and using this to build new links with businesses.

Talking about the project, Annabel said: "We are delighted to be working with Coventry University London students on this project.  Over the coming weeks, these impressive young people will be getting to know Clothing Collective and the work we do

"They will be designing a 10 week strategy which aims to attract businesses to partner with us, providing us with much needed support.  We look forward to seeing how this project develops in the coming weeks.  Many thanks to the staff and students at Coventry University London.”

Ash Coles, Business Development Manager, Coventry University London, said, "I believe this is the start of a long-lasting mutually beneficial opportunity for Coventry University London and The Clothing Collective. I am excited that our students can engage and learn from such an important and valued charitable organisation.

"I am incredibly proud that our students will play a key part in supporting the overall vision of the Clothing Collective, 'where individuals in need can readily go into any charity shop, and choose their clothes'.

"I look forward to seeing how this relationship evolves and to seeing the true impact that can be unlocked over time."

Alid Kambwili, Head of School (Markets & the Economy), Coventry University London, said: "As the Head of the School for Markets & the Economy at Coventry University London, I take great pride in witnessing the impactful collaboration between our institution and Clothing Collective.

"Our overarching vision is to produce enterprising, career-ready global graduates, and this partnership exemplifies our unwavering commitment to providing students with authentic, real-world experiences.

"Clothing Collective's mission aligns with our own—to empower individuals in need by allowing them to choose their clothing from charity shops. Our students will play a pivotal role in supporting this noble vision, gaining invaluable insights and actively contributing to a cause transcending the classroom. I eagerly anticipate the evolution of this relationship and the positive impact it will undoubtedly create over time."

If you own or work for a business that you think could help us with our mission to clothe people in need, then have a look at our Corporate Support page for more information. You can also download our new information pack on the page.



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