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How Many Children Are Currently Experiencing Poverty in the UK?

Child poverty has become an unfortunate worldwide trend, particularly in the wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the economic side effects it has engendered.

UNICEF recently disclosed that, of the 700 million people living in destitution, 356 million are children. This accounts for a very concerning 5% of the current global population.

Nonetheless, we're merely scratching the surface. While these figures indicate extreme poverty cases, we're still left with over 1 billion children still immersed in poverty, meaning they cope with some kind of deprivation in critical areas such as health, education, nutrition, housing, or utilities.

Even more distressing is that, according to that supranational organisation, children are twice as prone to live in poverty than their adult counterparts.

These alarming numbers should give us some pause. If that wasn't enough, contrary to what some may initially believe, the child poverty phenomenon is not exclusive to third-world countries.

The UK Doesn't Fare Much Better

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation reported that roughly 13 million people in the UK were in dire financial situations during the 2020/21 period, and those numbers have hardly improved since then.

This figure encompasses families in receipt of benefits and those households that, while not eligible for benefits, are still below a reasonable income threshold and require support to stay afloat.

But exactly how many children are currently experiencing poverty in the UK?

Of the 13 million we just mentioned, nearly 4 million are children. This extremely high number represents approximately 6% of the total UK population in 2021 (67.33 million). These children face insecurities regarding at least one essential necessity, be it food, basic services, housing, or clothing.

What Actions Are Being Taken

A handful of organisations are already lending their needed hand to counteract some of these challenges:

  • Barnado's addresses homelessness in children and young adults.

  • The NSPCC strives to protect children (especially those in austere conditions) from abuse.

  • The JRF and those of the same ilk are tackling the issue at its root by helping create certain conditions to put people out of poverty.

There's Still Much to Do!

That said, while the work of the afore mentioned charities is commendable, one area still needs urgent attention: Clothing!

The UK is known for its temperate oceanic climate, with relatively cold winters reaching an average temperature of between 2 and 7º C.

For families struggling to meet their energy needs to stay warm during the coldest months of the year, the lack of proper winter clothing further adds to their burden, with increased exposure to hypothermia and related health hazards.

How You Can Help Us?

We are focused on aiding families who can't provide for themselves or their children with clean, warm clothes.

You can help clothe someone by making a donation to our charity on the DONATE button above top right. You can also spread the word and stay updated on our latest news and information by joining us today and subscribing to our newsletter!



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