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How sending e-cards benefits the environment and people in need

Everyone loves getting a card for a special occasion, whether that's a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Valentine's Day. But how many people remove and throw away their cards a short time after receiving them? E-cards offer an environmentally better alternative and can even help support charities like ours.

What is an e-card?

An electronic card (or e-card) is a digital greeting card or postcard created on the Web and sent to someone via email.

Rather than having to buy a physical paper card, buy stamps and then go to a post box, you can instead go online from wherever you are and send one in seconds.

Why are e-cards better?

There are several reasons why an e-card is better than sending a paper one. Here's three great reasons:

  • They are free to send - the cost of greetings cards is increasing every year and this is especially noticeable if you are having to buy cards for several people at the same time. E-cards are completely free to send (although you can choose to donate to a charity with a service like the one we use).

  • They are more environmentally friendly - the environmental impact of greetings cards is huge. This comes from paper production, printing, posting and decomposition:

    • More than 500,000 trees are chopped down annually for greetings cards

    • 33% of the paper used for them in the UK is not recycled

    • It takes 5-15 years for the paper to breakdown in landfill

  • They are quick and easy to send - how many times have you realised you need to send a card, but don't have time to buy it and post it? With e-cards you can send them in a matter of minutes, 24 hours a day.

How does sending an e-card support us?

Our partnership with means that anyone who sends e-cards via our profile page has the chance to donate to us. Any donations we receive will in turn be used to buy gift cards for our partners to distribute to people that really need them.

Using the service is really simple. You browse the different collections of cards on our page and choose the ones you want to send, then have the option to donate to us, with an amount of your choosing.

We suggest a donation of what the equivalent cost of buying the cards and stamps would have been, but of course if you want to donate more then we would be extremely grateful.

As a reminder, a donation of £10 can help someone buy a cosy jumper to help keep them warm through these cold months.

The e-cards are completely free and no fees are charged on your donation. And you can send several different cards all at the same time.

You can browse the great range of e-cards on via the button below.



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