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International Day of Charity and Mother Teresa

International day of charity 5th September 2021

Everyone has heard of Mother Teresa but do they know why a day became dedicated to commemorating her death?

Who was Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was a hero to many people as she worked tirelessly to help others overcome poverty. Mother Teresa was a missionary who became an Indian Citizen in 1948. Passing away in 1997, after 45 years of charity work, Mother Teresa had a lot of success in alleviating poverty for many people.

What did Mother Teresa do for charity?

When Mother Teresa first moved to India, she was a teacher of geography and history. As soon as she had become a catholic nun, she began to open hospices and orphanages for the poor, sick, and disabled of India. As her work was so powerful, she received donations from around the world to support the cause.

The majority of Mother Teresa’s charitable work was based in Calcutta. While there, she founded an open-air school, a hospice, and medical centres for people from the slums who were in dire poverty.

Going on to open facilities in New York, Lebanon, Australia, the Middle East, and Croatia, Mother Teresa never gave up trying to alleviate some of the poverty around the world.

Did Mother Teresa get recognised for her charity work?

Mother Teresa is one of the most recognised humanitarians in the world. After several nominations for a Nobel Peace Prize, she was awarded the prize in 1979. Further to this, Mother Teresa won the John F. Kennedy International Award, the Bharat Ratna, and the United States Congressional Gold Medal. Finally, in 2016, she was recognised as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Mother Teresa had so much success with alleviating poverty, dedicating so much of herself to charity, that the United Nations wanted to highlight the power that charities can have to change outcomes for people.

How does the Clothing Collective Charity help people in poverty?

People who are in poverty struggle to have many items, and clothing is one of these. Clothing is an essential part of life. Making sure that clothes are suitable for the climate, the occasion, and the style is appropriate for their use, is something that the Clothing Collective prides itself on.

You can help the Clothing Collective to carry out their charitable work. By providing a donation to the charity, you will be helping people who are experiencing poverty to have some items of clothing that are theirs, that are appropriate, and will help them worry less about one thing. Can you be a mini Mother Teresa?

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1 Comment

Charlotte Newton
Charlotte Newton
Sep 06, 2021

I was interested to learn that there is an International Day of Charity and why.

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