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Make it Green this Black Friday

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, infusing panic across the retail and online space maybe this year is time for change. Not just to be more aware of the destruction Black Friday causes on bank accounts, but also its effect on the environment. With fast fashion and commercial goods being mass produced for a day (or week) of online panic, and as shoppers take to the streets to purchase unwanted and unneeded goods all because a deal or offer appears to be unmissable. But surely 10%, 20%, or 50% off isn’t truly worth it if you don’t really need it!

This year the Green Friday movement is creating traction especially, after COP26, with the aim being the spend your money or time during this commercial day (or now week!) for better environmental and social purposes. Black Friday doesn’t conventionally bring out the best in humanity, as people fight over televisions and social media is strewn with arguments over who achieved the best deal. And if this, deal-central day doesn’t excite you anymore then Green Friday is for you!

So how can you get involved and make MASSIVE positive changes;

1. If you’ve become disillusioned with the sales, and overwhelmed by the constant scrolling and searching then why not make use of your time in another way. After a month centred on the importance of our planet’s wellbeing, why not enjoy mother nature for the day. Make the 26th a day to get back to nature, take a walk on the wide side, or visit your local beach. With the only use of your phone, being the photos, you take off your brilliant day.

2. Instead of spending your money on Friday why not utilise your time instead, and do something to help someone or something. There are so many amazing causes, obviously Clothing Collective, but there is a plethora of amazing charities and organisations that would love and appreciate your help and support. And surely the pleasure of helping others far outweighs that of opening a fast fashion purchase. Perhaps your could volunteer to work in your local charity shop, or make a phone call to someone experiencing loneliness, or use Black Friday to cook dishes or buy tents for homeless people.

3. A new concept is to buy part of a rainforest, and although this is an incredibly extravagant gift, this is just one way you could help the environment this November. Why not go to your local garden centre and purchase a tree, or donate to an organisation and offset your carbon emissions. Besides to plant a tree in someone’s name would make the most perfect Christmas gift, one that will last a lifetime!

4. Or if you still enjoy the buzz and chaos of Black Friday why not shop independently. After the pandemic, local shops are still struggling and your support not only allows you to tick off your Christmas list and engage in the sales but it aids a business and their dreams. Your purchase is investing in a local business, a purchase that can only help your High street and strengthen your community.

5. Utilise Black Friday to meet with friends and family, and while gathering why not host a swap party, bring items you no longer need or use (perhaps last year’s Black Friday purchases) and swap for free for something you will use. Not only is this great for the environment, easy on the pennies, but it also provides the opportunity to socialise in person with great people.

6. If you still want to make purchases from stores and online retailers on Black Friday then the best way thing to do is to research! Check their initiatives or schemes, are they aiming to be carbon neutral, do they make donations to local charities, are they helping the homeless in your community. Things like fair pay and good working conditions for employees is vital for modern society, and knowing that the company your Christmas gifts are from are helping and supporting people and the environment is essential. So, make the change!

Black Friday is a day of excess and extravagance, so make the change and be GREEN this November you’ll not only help yourself, but you can help others through the gift of your time, or lend your support to independent businesses, or maybe simply hold a swap party. But what you could do now is make a donation to a wonderful charity, Clothing Collective, and help homeless people today. A gift that will transcend that of any Black Friday purchase, a donation filled with opportunity and hope!


If YOU would like to help those in need, you can make donations to the Clothing Collective [here]

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