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Voucher donations for Miracles to help London's families in need

This month saw us donate £1000 of Charity Shop Gift Cards to Miracles, a London-based charity that helps families across the city who are living in poverty or facing a crisis.

Pictured is Andrew Meltzer, Grants Manager at Clothing Collective, and James Burton, project director from Miracles.

Andrew met with James to present the vouchers, which we have been able to purchase using valuable funds raised from our partners and supporters.

James was delighted with the donation and said that they will be putting a £20 voucher into each individual food box, that will delivered to families who really need them, on April 5th.

Watch a video of the presentation...

About Miracles and Feed London

Miracles say: "We are there to help relieve those burdens from families living in poverty and facing a crisis. We can help solve the immediate crisis through rapid and practical support.

"We can take away some of the stress and pressure they are under and create space for the family to focus on recovery, on their children and on dealing with the day to day issues of living in poverty."

Feed London is a project run by Miracles, that aims to support 1000’s of children and their families in those London boroughs with the highest rates of child poverty in the UK. It provides healthy, tasty ingredients, supermarket vouchers and fun and easy to follow recipes – packaged in a friendly Feed London box. It helps fill the gap during the school holidays.

How can you help?

To find out more about how we help charities like Miracles, then read more here.

And to donate to us, either on a regular basis or as a one-off, then head to our donation page.



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