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Why people in the UK are being Pushed Under and Pushed Out with debt, poverty and living standards

A new report from CAP, in conjunction with Loughborough University, provides clear evidence for how debt and poverty puts people at higher risk of falling below the Minimum Income Standard (MIS).

'Pushed Under, Pushed Out: The link between debt, poverty and living standards' looks at data from the Wealth and Assets Survey, which is a national Government-run survey that’s been repeated every four years.

Key report findings

One highlight is that that certain demographic groups - lone parents, the unemployed and long-term sick - are at higher risk of falling below MIS and experiencing a higher impact.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • Those with burdensome debt are at higher risk of falling below MIS.

  • Those who have fallen behind with household bills are at higher risk of falling below MIS.

  • The longer people are living below MIS the higher the likelihood of reporting having arrears on household bills.

  • For all household types, the risk of falling below MIS increases with an increased debt-to income ratio, with a ‘tipping point’ where this risk becomes more profound.

  • After taking debt repayments into account those who are employed (and who were already below MIS) fall deeper below MIS compared.

You can access the full report on the CAP website.

How this relates to Clothing Collective

The report helps to demonstrate for us that our mission to help people in need to get the clothing required for them an their family.

If you can help us with this, then please consider donating to us on regular basis. Even £5 per month can make a big difference to someone who find themselves in a situation that's hard to get out of.

Photo by Mad House on Unsplash



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