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Fashion students fundraise with sustainable style

A team of seven second-year students from London College of Fashion recently held a pop-up sale of products they had designed and made, that raised some valuable funds for Clothing Collective.

The group, who operate under the brand name 'DESTYLED', were tasked with creating a brand from scratch and making sustainable products to sell.

Prompted by the millions of tonnes of textile waste sent to landfill every year, they wanted to create a sustainable way to end clothing waste.

They devised a unique product that did just this - multifunctional patchwork phone bags, made from our own old jeans and recycled fabrics.

Given a pop-up space at London College of Fashion, they then had two days to show and sell the bags.

Over the course of the two days, they managed to raise an amazing £313.27, all of which will be donated to us.

The DESTYLED team are:

  • Lucy-Cate was the manager on the group as well in charge of the social media marketing.

  • Britney was in charge of the branding and identity, creating our logo and aesthetic

  • Michelle was in charge of creating the products for us to sell, spending over 2 days on making the patchwork bags, sewing buttons and loops.

  • Yilin was in charge of the packaging we had bespoke recycled tissue paper with our logo on to wrap each purchase. Each bag came in its own cardboard box with our unique logo on as well.

  • Saachi and Jayantika were in charge of finances, so tracking our costs and spends collecting all of the resources and working out our profits.

  • Kaashvi was our visual merchandiser, in charge of creating mock ups of how our pop up would look to visually sell our products on the pop up day. As well as sourcing all items to display make our pop up interactive.

Lucy-Cate from DESTYLED said: "Collectively, we worked to build a sustainable brand from scratch incorporating the ethics and responsibilities learnt of what it takes to start up a new business, from our degree course.

"We worked together to source belts, fabrics, denim jeans and scraps of fabric. It was challenging but equally a highly rewarding task and the days of the pop up was extremely fun, getting to engage with consumers and tell them about the charity we were working to raise funds for!"

We would like to say a huge thank you to the DESTYLED team, for the time, energy and enthusiasm they put into this project.

The monies raised will help us to buy Charity Gift Shop Vouchers to then pass to our charity partners for distribution to the people who need them most.

If you've been inspired by the girls and would like to organise your own fundraising or support us in a different way, then please get in touch.

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What a fantastic effort put in by all the team at DESTYLED made up from students at the London College of Fashion. This is a brilliant example of collaboration where DESTYLED came up with an idea, concept and exercusion which allows us to spread the funds they so cleverly raised amoungst our gift card distributing parners to help clothe those in our society who need help, whilst also channeling the funds into the charity shops own good causes. A very BIG THANK YOU to all those who took part, contributed and purchased!

Antony Wroe - CEO

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